Hemotek 2W1 system with 1ml reservoirs

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Product Code: (AS2W1-1)

Prices are exclusive of V.A.T.

1x PS2 Power Unit

Product Code: PS2
Voltage: 90-264v

The power unit and cord will be configured to suit the mains power supply of the country of destination unless otherwise specified.

Hemotek membrane feeding systems

2x FU1 Feeders

Product Code: FU1-1

Each feeder is supplied complete with a 1ml micro meal reservoir (R29P10) and an O-ring.

Hemotek membrane feeding systems

1x pack Hemotek Collagen Feeding Membrane

Product Code: MEM5

The Hemotek Feeding Membrane is a thin collagen membrane and is suitable for many insect species.

Pack of 5 x (700mm x 580mm). Sufficient for about 500 feeds.

Hemotek membrane feeding systems

250x Plastic Plugs

Product Code: PP5-250

Plastic plugs used as closures for the meal reservoirs are also used to seal the body of the feeder after setting the temperature.
Pack of 250

Hemotek membrane feeding systems

4x O-rings

Product Code: OR29-25

O-rings to fit 3ml Standard Reservoir ( R29P10), used to secure and seal the membrane to the meal reservoir.

Hemotek membrane feeding systems

1x Temperature Setting Tool

Product Code: TST1

The temperature setting tool locates in the slot of a small screw inside the top of the FU1 Feeder.
The operating temperature of the feeder is adjusted by turning the screw.

Hemotek membrane feeding systems

1x Plug Extracting Tool

Product Code: PET1

The plug extracting tool is used to remove the plug from the top of the FU1 Feeder, screw in and pull.
It can also be used to remove the plugs from the meal reservoir.